BRÜCK special eccentric press for long parts

Special Eccentric Presses

General information

Our special eccentric presses have been especially developed for the production of long parts of fittings for windows. However, operating conditions including the punching and forming of long metal parts to the cutting of wood-fiber material have proven our machines reliability in different fields of application.

Depending on their design, the presses are suitable for both single track and double track operation. To achieve this the press can be fitted with two rams which can be adjusted independently of each other in height (each track separately). This allows you to set up the press significantly more quickly by reducing the time for tool. Of course, this also means that two different products may be simultaneously produced on the same press.

Together with the various options, these presses offer high levels of productivity with short setting-up times. The extremely robust design guarantees highest quality and long tool life.


  • Press force 500 kN - 10000 kN (50 to - 1000 to)
  • Production speed up to 220 1/min (depending on size)
  • Working width up to 1000 mm x 6200 mm


  • Tool positioning system
  • Quick tool clamping system
  • Single or double track production (depending on press)
  • High performance feed systems

Available supplements

Flexible Production

Activation of punching stations with gagbars
No downtime for setting-up tools
Simple programming specially suitable for smaller jobs

Tool Positioning System

Simple and precise positioning of tools
Upload of tool positions from memory of control system
Manual approach to position, optionally via servo motor

Tool Changing System

Faster tool change and complete job change
Pre-setting-up of tools outside machine
Additional tool positioning system for tool alignment available

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