perforating tool manufacturing of die


General information

You need tools for your perforating press or other equipment? You want to benefit from our expertise and decades of experience of our tool shop?

No problem – BRÜCK takes care of the complete manufacturing process of your tools.

Based on the final product to be produced, we manufacture and assemble the tool you need. Just send us a drawing of your perforated sheet and we will prepare a detailed offer for you and work out the best design for your tool.

All tools are manufactured on new high-precision machines. These are DMG Mori milling centers with automatic tool changers, MITSUBISHI wire cutting machines and ELB grinding machines.

Product examples and configurations

Perforating tool

If desired we can produce perforating tools with completely hardened strippers.

Water cooling

All tools can be equipped with water cooling for critical perforations.

Hexagonal punches

Through the use of advanced wire cutting technology also special shapes are possible for your perforating tool.

Expanded metal knives

You need tools for your expanded metal machine? We deliver upper and lower knives.

Special tools

Special requirements demand special technical solutions: for exampel the single step cutting of nickel cathodes with our special tool.

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