BRÜCK sectional perforating press

Sectional Perforating Presses

General information

The processing of the perforating zone in strips is characteristic of this type of press as the tools have a working width of 250 mm or 400 mm. The result is a maximum degree of flexibility: Our perforating machines can produce any kind of perforation field pattern. Sheet metal up 25 mm thick is suitable as raw material.

Hydraulically actuated clamps hold the sheet in place and move it in the X- and Y-axes through the tool. Gagbars, which successively expose or cover the tool's individual punches, are mounted above the tool. On one hand, this allows a high degree of flexibility in respect of the perimeter form of the perforated field, and on the other hand high production speed is achieved through the software-controlled simultaneous actuation of several punches.

Sectional perforating machines guarantee highest productivity while at the same time fulfilling your demands for great flexibility.


  • Press force up to 300 to
  • Production speed up to 400 1/min
  • Sheet size up to 2000 mm x 6000 mm
  • Material thickness up to 25 mm


  • Hydraulic clamping for die, stripper and punch holder
  • Servo axis for movement of sheet, gagbar, stripper and ram
  • Optionally retractable hydraulic sheet clamps for “zero margin jobs”
  • Automatic program calculation with PC software, data input from CAD file

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Product examples and configurations

PM 125 H 2000x6000

Press force: 125 to
Sheet sizes: up to 2000 mm x 6000 mm
Production speed: up to 300 min-1
Hydraulically actuated (Hydraulic-Servo-Cylinder)

Hexagon hole

Perforation 2" in 5/8" thick mild steel


Perforation of freely programmable patterns


Embossing and fabrication of countersinks on hydraulically actuated sectional presses

PM 125 H 2000x4000

Press force: 125 to
Sheet sizes: up to 2000 mm x 4000 mm
Production speed: up to 300 min-1
Hydraulically actuated (Hydraulic-Servo-Cylinder)
Retractable sheet clamps for “zero margin jobs”

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