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Perforating Presses

General information

The production of perforating presses is one of the core competencies of BRÜCK. We have been building this kind of machines for more than 60 years and we have continuously developed and refined the technology of all-across perforating for all imaginable requirements.
The mode of operation of the perforating tools that covers the full press width is characteristic of this type of press: up to 10 rows can be simultaneously punched with each stroke. This and the high stroke rate of the press together with extreme feed accuracy ensure high productivity and profitability.

Our experienced BRÜCK-Programmers have developed a unique control software especially designed for perforating presses that enables you to generate your programs automatically.


  • Sizes 50 to - 600 to
  • Material width 500 mm - 2200 mm
  • Speed 80 min-1 - 800 min-1
  • Feed accuracy +- 0,02 mm


  • 3 gagbar positions (on/half/off) at maximum 8 rows
  • PC programming system for automatic program calculation
  • Optional: Even more flexibility with new software: VarioPerf
  • Fault diagnose system with remote diagnostics via VPN (Internet)

Available supplements


Size: 1 to – 25 to
Coil width: 500 mm – 2200 mm
Mandrel clamping hydraulically actuated
Electrical or hydraulical main drive
Special versions : turnable with 2 mandrils or moveable


Material thickness: 1,5 mm – 6 mm
Material width: 500 mm – 2200 mm
Swivel table to easily feed in material from decoiler
Pre-bending roll to bend the beginning of the material back
Rubber coatings for sensitive surfaces

Moving (actuated) stripper

Designed as cassette - change over with 2nd cassette (for maintenance) possible in less than 1 hour
Double linear bearings for high stiffness in feed direction
Stroke length programmable with PC software and hydraulic servo cylinder
Designed to be used with standard perforating tools


The new software for perforating presses – to get even more out of your machine.
VarioPerf offers a maximum in flexibility and opens up unknown possibilities.
Flexible tool use
Optimized production setting
Dynamic feed control


Material thickness: 1 mm – 5 mm
Material width: 500 mm – 2200 mm
Possibility to swing off or slide out of line
Setting of cutting gap with servo drives (optional)

Punching unit

Can be used to punch additional holes, notching or to slit a coil into several strips
Material width: 500 mm – 2200 mm
Production speed: 80 min-1 – 600 min-1
Actuated with hydraulic servo cylinder
Length of stroke programmable

Stacking unit

Different designs available depending on requirements
Up to 5 stacks in length and 4 stacks in width
Selection of stacking position from PC program
Can be used for 1 strip mode or 2 strip mode
Sheet length: 500 mm – 3500 mm
Sheet width: 500 mm – 2200 mm


For tight recoiling of perforated and non perforated material.
Size: up to 15 to
Coil width: 500 mm - 2200 mm
Tension: up to 30 kN (3 to)
Separating device for up to 9 strips
Optical material edge control unit
Also suitable for pre-painted and coated material

Our Services

Product examples and configurations

Product calculation with VarioPerf

Optimized, flexible generation of products through the use of VarioPerf.

PP 250-1600

Size: 250 to
Material width: 1600 mm
Speed: up to 700 min-1

PP 400-1600

Size: 400 to
Material width: 1600 mm
Speed: up to 400 min-1

PP 500-1600

Size: 500 to
Material width: 1600 mm
Speed: up to 500 min-1

PP 600-1600

Size: 600 to
Material width: 1600 mm
Speed: up to 500 min-1
with adjustable stripper

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